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KINUGAWA Courchevel

KINUGAWA Courchevel

Located in the heart of Courchevel 1850, in a bespoke setting, Kinugawa combines the refined elegance of Parisian Kinugawa with the intimate appeal of alpine aesthetics.

A few steps will take you to the heart of this bespoke setting, imagined as a free interpretation of a Japanese chalet. Rich, dark wooden walls alternate with comfortable red velvet benches, bathed in the soft light of majestic hanging lamps.

Here you can discover Kinugawa's iconic dishes and gastronomic creations, as well as new creations featuring local dishes and ingredients.

The bar also features Kinugawa's signature cocktails, for evenings and dinners with a Courchevellois touch.


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488 rue des Tovets
73120 Courchevel

04 50 47 37 69

Open every day from 7PM to 2AM